Michael Amidei

Michael Amidei has been developing and honing his musical craft from the age of six when he first began to study piano. Raised in a family of professional musicians, Michael spent his formative years performing a wide range of styles with a number of musical groups and acts, both in church and secular settings. 


At the age of 11, Michael was diagnosed with osteosarcoma (bone cancer) in his left arm and was given a 1% or less chance of survival. Due to the grace of God and to the work of some very inventive and skilled doctors, Michael not only survived but was able to begin playing instruments again, despite being told that it would be impossible. By the age of 14, Michael was back performing music more than ever.


After spending years in the rock and pop music world, Michael transitioned to singing opera professionally. Following that, Michael found himself as one of the lead vocalists for the Western Hall Of Fame-inducted Flying W Wranglers, with whom he performed for years. Since that time, he has dedicated himself to the art of instructing others in music, first as the music and drama teacher at Notre Dame Catholic School in Lakewood and now as the co-owner of Amidei School Of Music, a boutique music school with an emphasis on tailoring the instruction to the individual student. 


Michael's hobbies include writing books, creating podcasts, listening to as much wonderful music as humanly possible, and attempting to write about himself in the third person.


Email: mamidei@sothfamily.org

Phone: 720.229.3114