Faith milestones

Faith Milestones provide a marker along life’s journey in faith that says, “This is something important, and God is here, too.” It is a faith formation practice for home and congregation that helps all generations recognize God’s presence in everyday life. Each milestone, ranging from infants to High School Seniors, includes a training curriculum to help families use in their homes.  Together, our congregation and parents will speak a blessing over their children. Each child will also receive a special gift as a remembrance of the Milestone.

Welcome to the family

Who: Infants and children baptized during the church year

What: If you are looking forward to a new baby or wanting your child(ren) baptized, this milestone gets you started nurturing Christian faith at home. 

Blessing: A blessing and celebration dinner recognizing the children baptized in the current year.

Class: Beginning With the End in Mind

  • Creating a Christ-centered atmosphere at home
  • Blessing your child with words, trust, and prayer

Gift: Stuffed Animal - Lamb with 'Jesus Loves Me' shirt

The ABC's of worship

Who: 3 & 4 Year Old Children

What: When your children are Baptized, parents promise to bring their children to the services of God’s house.  Children are needed and welcome in worship. We strongly encourage preschoolers to take part in worship with their congregational family. 


Blessing: Children will receive a blessing and their own worship bag at the 8am Traditional and 10:45am Contemporary Services.

Class: The ABC’s of Worship

  • Parents discuss worship with their kids and teach their children to follow the order of worship.
  • Parents will help the child put together a worship bag.

Gift: Worship Bag

media in a child's faith life

Who: Preschool Aged Children

What: Many children one and two years old have already watched media.  We need to understand media and how to manage it for good and how to avoid the bad. Media of some kind is used in our Worship, Sunday School, and music. It is important to start our little ones on the road to using media for the glory of God.

Blessing: Children are blessed as they work with their families in setting up and using guidelines for media as a part of their faith life. 

Class: The Good, The Bad, The Media

  • Media- Let’s do a self-check and see what we are teaching by example. 
  • Learn how to teach preschoolers about worship and the importance of age-appropriate media.

Gift: TBD

Teach me to pray

Who:  Kindergarten & 1st Graders

What: Learning to pray is an important way a child grows in their faith and relationship with Jesus. 

Blessing: Congregation and parents will bless the children as they encourage their active prayer life.

Class: Prayer, A Gift of Communication

  • Teaching prayer through example and practice at home .
  • Helping your child develop a prayer life

Gift: Prayer Lamb

first bible

Who: 1st & 2nd Graders

What: First Bible Milestone is a direct response to the promises made at Baptism to place the Holy Scriptures in our children’s hands. 

Blessing: During the 8am Service, parents and congregation will bless the children as they receive their first Bible and read the scripture of the day.

Class: Learning to Read and Understand the Bible

  • A special parent and child reception will take place during the Sunday School hour. 
  • Parents and children will look through their new Bibles. 

Gift: Bible

Teach Me To Give

Who: 3rd & 4th Graders

WhatTeach Me to Give is a Faith Milestone that recognizes and celebrates third and fourth grade students in their journey of faith. At this milestone, they will be blessed by the congregation and their families during a Worship Service. The Teach Me to Give Faith Milestone includes a class for the students and their parents to attend during the Sunday School hour. The class will focus on Christian Stewardship of God’s Treasure, Financial Literacy, and using God’s gift of treasure to bless others. A savings bank will be given to the students to use as they learn to give.

Blessing: Children and parents will receive a blessing during worship.

Class: Giving Back to the Lord

  • How are we doing in our walk of faith?
  • Parents will learn how to teach their children how to use their time, talents, and treasure for growing the kingdom.
  • How can we teach our children to be generous now and tomorrow?

Gift: Savings Bank

serving like jesus

Who: 3rd & 4th Graders

What: This milestone explores ways our children can share God’s love with one another and our community. 

Blessing: Parents will bless their children and present to them a towel and basin reminding them of Jesus washing the disciples' feet. Following the blessing, parents and children join the congregation for a servant event.

Parent Class: Teaching Your Child to Serve

  • Parents learn about research studies regarding the positive effects serving has on a child's faith. After class, children and families participate in a service project.

Child ClassBeing Like Jesus: Washing Feet

  • Kids will learn the story of Jesus washing His disciples’ feet. 

Gift: Kids will receive a towel and basin gift as a reminder they have been called to serve others in Jesus’ name.

Growing in Your Faith life

Who: 5th & 6th Grade Youth

WhatYouth continue their journey preparing for Confirmation. Parents and mentoring adults will walk along with them. 

Blessing: Students will receive a blessing and receive Luther’s Small Catechism

Gift: Luther’s Small Catechism

first communion - Dinner

Who: 8th Grade Youth completing the second year of Confirmation

What: First Communion is a renewing and refreshing milestone in the life of a Christian. It is a central part of our worship and faith life. Through Communion we are strengthened for service by God’s abiding love, receive God’s forgiveness and share in the abundance of living in a family of faith. Students receive their first communion during Maundy Thursday Service.

Blessing: Parents will give a blessing to their children at the First Communion celebration on Palm Sunday. 

Celebration: Parents and youth will attend a First Communion celebration on Palm Sunday prior to their first Communion.  

Gift: Cross

confirmation - confirming your baptismal vows

Who: 9th Grade Youth who have completed Confirmation Class

What: At the completion of Confirmation instruction, youth will profess their personal faith statement. While this rite completes their formal Confirmation instruction, it is not an end, but a beginning to lifelong Christian learning

Blessing: A dinner the week before Reformation Sunday is held for families and sponsors. On Reformation Sunday, youth give their Statement of Faith during the Education Hour and the Rite of Confirmation will take place at the 10:45 am Traditional Service. 

Gift: TBD

Click here for more information on Confirmation.

enjoying the ride-

MOre than a driver's license

Who: 9th & 10 Grade Youth

What: Getting a driver’s license is a milestone for both teenagers and their parents. Parenting of this age group goes beyond just preparing teens for responsibilities associated with driving. Youth learn  how to make responsible choices in other areas of life.

Blessing:  The youth is blessed during the closing activity. 

Class: More than Just A Ride

  • Parents and teens learn the importance of responsibility in connection with driving. 
  • Parents and teens learn how to communicate with accountability and trust, and how to clarify expectations. 
  • Parents help their youth write a contract clarifying expectations for responsible choices. 

Gift: Faith Key Chain

called and gifted

Who: High School Juniors

What:  This milestone is based on Isaiah 43:1: “But now thus says the Lord, he who created you, O Jacob, he who formed you, O Israel: Do not fear, for I have redeemed you; I have called you by name, you are mine.” We are created, redeemed, and called by God to help build the church.  

Blessing: A blessing for the youth is given during church as they establish how they will serve God with their spiritual gifts. 

Class: High School Juniors meet to discover and discuss their spiritual gifts. After the discussion, youth will discover the many volunteer opportunities in the church that match their gifts.

Gift: TBD

the launch wrapped in love

Who: Graduating High School Seniors

What: Graduation from high school marks the beginning of life as an independent adult. It’s a time young people move forward in making their own life decisions. We want to mark this joyful and difficult transition for parents and youth by giving thanks to one another while reminding them they are never alone. 

Blessing: During worship, the youth and their family are called forward to receive a blessing and a self-study Bible from the congregation. 

Celebration: A cake reception is held between services in honor of the graduates. The congregation sends them forth with God’s blessing. Graduates create a display of their milestone gifts received through the years.

Gift:  A Lutheran Self-Study Bible