Sharron wilen

Sharron has been in full time ministry with Youth for Christ for over 15 years.  In 2004, she developed an E-Discipleship program in Australia.  “Many young people in Australia wouldn’t be able to answer the question ‘Who is Jesus?’”  Since the internet is where most of the students spent their time, that is where she spent her time communicating with the students.  She was also able to go into the public high schools to form relationships with the students.

While serving overseas a friend introduced her to an equine ministry that rescued horses and hurting young people.  She was immediately moved, spiritually, emotionally and physically, as the Lord moved her back to the States to serve at an equine ministry in Virginia.  YFC (Youth For Christ) graciously loaned her to this equine ministry for a year.  Now Sharron and YFC have an equine ministry in Franktown, CO.  The Son and Reins Ranch seeks to be a safe place where people are loved and accepted, where God is honored, Jesus is modeled, and where authentic relationships can be developed.  As young people and staff/volunteers work together with the rescue horses, the youth are empowered to grow in their confidence, leadership skills, trust, and self-esteem.   In the context of these loving relationships, the horses serve as God-given catalysts for breaking down barriers and developing trust.

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