ianthe scheiwe

Iantha serves as Associate Director for the Asia LEA (Lutheran Education Association). It is a collegial organization of educators and institutions focused on the highest quality education while establishing Christian communities throughout Asia. ALEA partner schools and institutions are located across Asia, including Australia, China, Hong Kong, India, Japan, Papua New Guinea, South Korea, Sri Lanka, and Taiwan. In her new role, Iantha facilitates the research and development of tools and curiculums in order to equip all of the Lutheran school network in training its educators and providing them with the resources they need to keep Gospel proclamation and faith in action a foundation of their teaching. These resources include both learning and technology resources to facilitate more seamless interaction and relationship growth for sharing between educators in the region and continuing to promote high-quality academic Christian education programs and build caring faith communities serving students and their families.

Prior to serving at Asia LEA, Iantha was Executive Director at Concordia Welfare and Education Foundation (CWEF). Iantha’s husband Joel, is an ordained minister serving as pastor of Church of All Nations in Hong Kong. They have three children, Eliada, Talia and Taran).