tim & Heidi norton

In 1968, Shepherd of the Valley was established as a Gospel-outreach ministry to the Navajo people.  Shepherd of the Hills has been a sister church with Shepherd of the Valley for decades.  

Tim Norton began serving at Shepherd of the Valley Lutheran Church in Navajo, NM in 2013 as Director of Christian Education (DCE). One of their primary goals is to identify, recruit and train a Navajo to become a pastor for the Navajo people. Tim also provides spiritual leadership to the people in Navajo. Tim and Heidi served as missionaries for many years in West Africa to the Muslim communities. They served many of the people that the Heineys now serve and worked with the Heineys for a short time.  They also served LCMS congregations in Oregon and California.

Tim and Heidi have two children – Philip and Leslie.