doug & tricia stoner

The Stoners have been missionaries in Slovakia from 1994 to 2013 and are now Area Leaders for Pioneers in Central Europe. “The peoples of Austria, Czech Republic, Slovakia, and Slovenia try so hard to make their lives fulfilling but are empty on the inside. All together, far less than 1% of the population has trusted in Christ alone for eternal life.” The Stoners indicate their “passion is to change this by the Lord’s power and grace. We want people to come to know our Lord so they can have true life found  only in Him.”

As Area Leader, Doug equips and assists the Pioneer leaders in the countries mentioned above, to start more churches by empowering the local churches. One denomination in Slovakia is steadily growing and has a number of new Gypsy/Roma churches. In the past, gypsies have been an isolated and ignored society. The Stoners live in Vienna, Austria and describe Vienna as “the fastest growing city in the region with a quarter of the population being from other cultures. We assist our international church and other churches to reach this enormous group.” Tricia leads Bible study to various ladies groups, and their children lead various youth groups, usually in their home. The Stoners are making progress in learning the German language.

The Stoners have two children – Ryan and Megan.

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