Generations Connected in Christ

Every generation has a need and every generation has a gift to share. At Shepherd of the Hills we love every generation and want them to come together and share their stories of faith with each other. 

Our Generations Connected in Christ Ministry brings members of households together. Whether your household is single, blended, couples, or grandparents, we have opportunities to connect in Christ.


Why do we have generations serving the community together? When we serve alongside people of other generations, we experience a connection in the family of Jesus as we show our love for one another and those we serve. Would you like to serve with us? Check out the opportunities here or contact our church office at or call 303.798.0711.


What are Faith Milestones? Faith Milestones provide a marker along life’s journey in faith that says, “This is something important, and God is here, too.” It is a faith formation practice for home and congregation that helps all generations recognize God’s presence in everyday life.  Each milestone includes a training curriculum to help families use in their homes.  Together, our congregation and parents will speak a blessing over their children. Each child will also receive a special gift as a remembrance of the Milestone. For more details, please click here.